The Spa House offers a variety of quality depilatory services for both men and women, that are carried out with the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection.

We use pre and post waxing products during treatment which contain ingredients such as tea tree, jasmine, and aloe to ensure a clean and painless wax. The wax we use is a Premium Rose Strip-less Wax and a Zinc Oxide Strip Wax that can be customized to achieve amazingly smooth results!

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Wax-$20

Lip Wax-$10

Chin Wax-$12

Jawline Wax-$12

Side of Face Wax-$20

Full Face Wax-$45

Full Face + Eyebrow Wax-$55

Neck Wax-$15

Sideburn Wax-$12

Nose Wax-$12

Ear Wax-$12


Body Waxing

Underarm Wax-$17

Full Arm Wax-$40

Half Arm Wax-$20

Shoulder Wax-$10

Back Wax-$45

Half Back Wax-$25

Chest Wax-$25

Stomach Wax-$20

Happy Trail Wax-$5

Bikini Wax-$30

French Bikini Wax-$40

Brazilian Wax-$50

Full Brazilian Wax-$60

In-between the Cheeks Wax-$5

Buttocks Wax-$20

Full Leg Wax-$70

Half Leg Wax-$35